CultureVerse is a multicultural communication and community engagement consultancy providing services to government, corporate, and non-profit organisations nationally. Working with our partners in research, creative production, community engagement, media and broadcasting, we leverage our finely-tuned strategic planning abilities and grassroots understanding of multicultural Australia. The outcome is an innovative cost effective approach which delivers results for our clients. 

We are listed on the Victorian Government's Marketing Services Register We are listed on the Victorian Government's Marketing Services Register, and the Australian Government Department of Human Services Creative and Digital Communication Services procurement panel.

Our story

CultureVerse was established in 2015, by two people of contrasting yet complementary skills and backgrounds.  Jess’s background is in strategic communication, whilst Loc’s is business and accounting with a strong dose of multicultural community engagement thrown in.

At the heart of this partnership is a passion for and commitment to making a difference for people who are new to the country. We worked together to build a highly regarded multicultural communication and engagement unit within the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Through this we have seen the dramatic impact our work can have, especially on those who may have recently arrived in Australia. By working closely with key community organisations and service providers, we were able to deliver impressive outcomes using simple yet effective approaches. Our key piece of advice to any organisation is, ‘don’t let multicultural engagement be an after-thought’. With some planning, and a modest investment, fantastic results can be achieved.

We are continuing the journey by bringing our experience to other organisations and look forward to helping them communicate and build beneficial relationships with multicultural Australia.